Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love and Marriage

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to start a project that I really don't have time for, like blogging, but here goes...

Every story has a beginning and mine is exceptionally unique :) My adventures in motherhood began with a man named David. Our adventure began before we even officially met. We happened to see each other in a Mexican restaurant that both of us frequented quite a bit. Dave was there one Sunday afternoon in 2006 (sometime before May...just don't recall the exact month) eating with mutual friends when he saw me walking in the door. According to him, this gorgeous lady rounded the corner and he was transfixed by her beauty. As this beauty walked to her table, she stopped to talk to the friends he was eating with. He was surprised to find that his friends were her friends too! Although no introductions were made that day, Dave was sure the pretty lady had to be taken so he didn't ask about her.  I noticed him too and wondered who he was but didn't think much about him after seeing him because I'm pretty sure I was fed up with men at that point and was ready to be single for the rest of my life :)

Fast forward a month or two to May when these mutual friends asked if I was seeing anybody. I said "no." They said, "We have someone we'd like you to meet." I said, "Okay." But I somehow thought this guy was going to be a big dork, so I put off meeting him (I'm bad, I know). I delayed the meeting until May 21, 2006. The four of us met up at the same Mexican restaurant where Dave and I had seen each other before. Dave said he didn't remember what I looked like but only knew that I had been gorgeous :) Not only was the pretty lady he had seen a few months before his date, she seemed excited to see him too :) Our friends inhaled their food (so it seemed) and left us to ourselves. Much to Dave's surprise, I suggested getting dessert at Bruster's but we ended up at Dairy Queen. The more time we spent together, the more I knew that this guy was different. I discovered that he and I were so much alike that I thought to myself "this is what it must be like to hang out with me." :)

To make a long story a little bit shorter, Dave and I were pretty much inseparable after that first date. We were engaged on his birthday just two weeks later and we were married two months later on August 19 :) Fast forward three and a half years to January 3, 2010 when we discovered that we were expecting an addition to our family. And so it began...the adventure of a lifetime :)

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