Monday, December 27, 2010

The Year of Lilly

As 2010 draws to a close, I still can't believe how blessed this year has been...and it all began with one word "Yes." Who knew that one simple word could mean so much? "Yes" you're pregnant! "Yes" there's a life inside of you that you're now responsible for. "Yes" life as you knew it is over...So many thoughts ran through my mind that afternoon of January 3rd. I had prayed for this event for three and a half years and finally it was here!!!!!! I'm a Mom! And the excitement began...Here's a recap of the Year of Lilly.

January 3...the day our lives changed forever...I'm pregnant!

January 28...Dave and I saw Lilly for the first time...she had a name before we knew if Lilly was really a "she" ;-) I just KNEW I was having a girl! Lilly's due date was projected to be September 18, 2010.

April 30...IT'S A GIRL!!!

June 5...We see Lilly in 3D/4D. What an amazing thing this was! We were able to see her quite a bit in 3D because she never would cooperate...she was always stuck to her placenta!

We were so blessed to have FIVE celebrations in Lilly's honor throughout the year!

September 17...the day we ALL had waited for...Lilly's arrival! After countless hours of laboring at home and 8 hours of labor at the hospital, Lilly Ann made her debut at 3:09 pm! And one day before her predicted due date!

November 18...Lilly is admitted to CHKD for 2 weeks to treat a blood infection. Lilly celebrated her first Thanksgiving in the hospital but God showed us just how faithful He is!

December 25...Lilly celebrated her first Christmas!

So, there you have it...the highlights of Lilly's first year. What will Lilly's second year hold? More excitement, for sure!

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